Tip: How to set up videoconferencing with the CSM group

The following tutorial provides instructions for both the host (CSM group) and guest to set up videoconferencing.

METHOD 1 (for impromptu small meetings without graphics sharing)
Remote guest can make the request to Dr. Brannon, whose Skype name is rebecca.brannon

METHOD 2 (for extended multi-participant meetings with graphics sharing)

The Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) equipment at the University of Utah allows us to connect to other people and places throughout the state and the world.

Host (CSM personnel) instructions:

The following steps are necessary for an IVC meeting:

  • To schedule an IVC meeting, the CSM personnel should contact the IVC through one of the following options:

1. call 435-879-4762

2. e-mail ivc@utah.edu

3. fill the forms here.

  • The IVC staff find an available room on campus and arrange a test call with the guest.
  • If the test connection is successful, the IVC staff schedule a connection for the actual meeting.
  • The CSM personnel should be trained on how to use the equipment. For this purpose, the IVC staff provide a short training session for the CSM personnel.

Guest instructions:

The guest should have the required equipment, and provide its IP number to the CSM personnel. The guest and the CSM personnel should be in contact to schedule a test call and troubleshoot any issue.

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