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General Tutorials

These general tutorials detail a series methods and tips that could simplify or break-the-ice for a particular problem. These tutorials are not a part of a series of technical documents such as how the GoBag tutorial or a series of helpful tips such as the Linux Tips tutorials.

GoBag Tutorials

The GoBag tutorials contains informal (usually rough draft) technical notes and tutorials on topics in mechanics. The sophistication is at the first or second year graduate level. These tutorials are divided into elementary level write-ups and intermediate level write-ups. These write-ups include:

  • Tutorials: straightforward primers on particular topics
  • Myth Busters: misconceptions in mechanics
  • Dusty Corners: little-known or interesting aspects of mechanics issues
  • Back Doors: “better ways” to do common tasks

The write-ups are limited to topics that are too well-known to be published (in journals) but not known enough to be easily found in the literature.

Most of the documents are in pdf format. Some are quite large, so allow a few minutes to load. If you wish to be added to (or deleted from) the mailing list for this web site, send your request to Rebecca at the address below. Please also contact her if you find serious technical errors in any of these write-ups.

Another good source for more advanced mechanics information is iMechanica.org.

Linux Tips

Large linux emac window open showing a breakpoint

These tutorials contain a series of useful tips when using Linux.