Current opportunities for graduate students

We currently have openings for two PhD students in the CSM group:

PhD Student Opening#1: Research opportunites exist in the general area of computational mechanics with emphasis on development of advanced methods (expecially particle methods) for solving large-deformation high-rate problems in mechanics.

PhD Student Opening#2: Research opportunites exist in the general area of computational and theoretical constitutive modeling, with emphasis on large deformation inelasticity, failure, fracture, induced anisotropy, etc. Applications would include hierarchical upscaling (i.e., inferring macroscale properties from microscale simulations).

To apply: send the following to

  • Cover letter (or email) stating clearly whether or not you seek RA or TA support.***
  • Resume
  • Transcripts
  • Research statement
  • Three references
  • One sample of technical work (publication, lab report, masters thesis, etc.)

*** Financial support (RA or TA) is not typically granted until Dr. Brannon directly observes your readiness for research (through direct classroom observation, professional conference interactions, independent study, etc.). Therefore, you might be reducing your chances of being invited to join this research group if you ask for financial support based “on faith” or “earnest assurances” of your qualifications.  In the past, students with EXCEPTIONAL academic records and outstanding reference letters have been offered support without an initial proving period, but that’s unusual.  Even if you are offered financial support, please understand that it is contingent upon continued availability of research funding (e.g., the funding stops if the project gets cancelled for some unforeseen reason). Naturally, financial support is also contingent upon your maintaining satisfactory performance in academics, research, and teamwork.


For general information about student employment at the University of Utah, such as Equal Opportunity policies, please see




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